3rd-Gen Arc Flash
What is an Arc Flash?

Our Approach:

A full onsite electrical equipment and system inspection will be performed, with detailed documentation of the existing electrical facility. The information gathered from the site visit will be input into SKM Power Tools software for equipment evaluation and the arc flash hazard analysis will be determined. The local utility (electric) company will also be contacted in aid of available fault current information for incoming power into the facility.

A full preliminary report will be presented to the client, which is fully detailed and explains any areas of concerns and also introduces mitigation methods to help reduce the arc flash hazard, and other safety hazards, at the facility. The client will have an option to select which recommendations they would like to implement, and 3RD GEN can create a detailed cost analysis and also aid in the design of this work. The report will contain information necessary to comply with regulatory requirements, work locations which have a high incident energy level in excess of required PPE levels, and 3RD GEN’s recommendations to minimize Arc Flash hazards through changes in protection of electrical equipment and procedures of operation. (Example pictured to the right).

Arc flash hazard labels will be produced by 3RD GEN (if requested) and also installed by 3RD GEN (if requested). The labels will show the actual Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) required to work on the given energized electrical equipment, and the shock hazard will also be shown on the labels. Arc Flash hazard labels will be created for the current system configuration, and new labels will be created after equipment modifications have been made.

Request Budgetary Pricing

In addition to arc flash hazard evaluation, 3RD GEN will include the following as a standard part of the Comprehensive Power Systems Analysis:

  • General inspection of electrical equipment
  • Load Flow Analysis
  • Short Circuit Study
  • Device Evaluation and Coordination Study
  • Protective Device Coordination, including development of Time-Current Curves of specific components within the power system

The following are OPTIONS that are available for assessment provided by a 3RD GEN Comprehensive Power Systems Analysis:

  • Transient Motor Starting Analysis
  • Harmonic Studies
  • Full as-built one-line drawings
  • Power Quality Metering
  • Infrared equipment inspection

In addition to the above mentioned services, 3RD GEN will provide the following services:

  • Estimated outage duration to complete modifications
  • Estimated cost of completing the modifications

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7920 Belt Line Road, Suite 591
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Fax: 972-387-8874

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